I+dea Raw Materials

"Through research and development, we at i+dea help add stability to the sector from sourceand minimise risk, promoting a much-needed transformation of the Spanish agro-industry"

Producers represent the start of the Agri-food Chain and are a fundamental link for guaranteeing its sustainability. Only with raw materials that combine agricultural and industrial interests can we obtain the highest value for all.

Hence, for example, we at i+dea conduct seed variety studies and have launched research lines to recover the cultivation of durum wheat in Castile-Leon.

  • Work is also under way in such other areas as:
  • The functional applications of various varieties in certain products, such as bread, pastries, cereals and biscuits.
  • The quality profile of raw materials, according to the specific needs of customers (humidity, specific weight, protein, etc.)
  • Coordination with third parties to improve performance in the production, processing and transport of raw materials, minimising process costs.