I+dea: the Grupo Siro Ideas Factory

“We are committed to the development of a Sustainable Agri-food Chain based on innovative solutions”

I+dea is the Grupo Siro ideas factory, a private centre for applied innovation that aims to add value to the entire Agri-food Chain: from the farming sector through development and industrialisation related commitments to society, by creating new products that respond to consumer demands.

We believe that innovation is the basis of our commitment to Sustainability , and the tool with which to achieve excellence throughout the agri-food industry.

At i+dea, we feel that we are helping to drive a great engine of change. For that reason, we offer global and innovative solutions to the various agri-food stakeholders:

  • cooperating to develop the primary sector
  • • supporting product innovation and development processes for companies
  • creating innovative products tailored to meet the needs of each market
  • creating foods that satisfy consumers

Work at i+dea starts with researching the needs of consumers, customers and suppliers, but does not end when the best product is on the production line because we continue working to meet future needs.