With the objetive of supporting and development of collaborative environments through open Innovation, Cerealto Siro Foods and I+dea launch the challenge: “Control in continuous and with self-regulation of process parameters / manufacturing product.” Within the program “12 Challenges of Industry 4.0 » that the Ministry of Industry has launched this year in first call, in collaboration with the School of Industrial Organization EOI.

The project, which is part of the National Strategy of Connected Industry 4.0 of the Ministry of Industry, is co-financed by the Ministry itself and by the European Social Fund, whose ultimate goal is to promote open innovation models and to have twelve successful cases of collaboration company & startup that help the growth and consolidation of the entrepreneurs participating in the program.

The deadline for submission of applications ends on July 29, is done through the website of the EOI where you can also find detailed information on each of the 12 challenges. https://www.eoi.es/es/empresas/emprendedores/12-retos-de-industria-40