Disruptive innovation

We share a single goal: to revolutionise food and surprise the consumer.

Radar and Strategic Innovation

We observe the world around us to identify and anticipate changes that might be of interest to our clients. We analyse those changes and work with our clients to assess any potential impact on their business.

1. Consumer Insights

We detect new consumption trends, new consumer types, new consumer behaviour models, and new ways in which consumers think, feel or act.

2. Emerging Technologies

We select and analyse new technologies that could be disruptive, with a focus on productive process adaptation (Ind. 4.0), the development of AI, automation, 3D additive manufacturing, harnessing Big Data, etc. so as to be ready for how things will be done in the future.

3. Megatrends

We identify global trends stemming from social, economic, political, technological or environmental changes.

Competitive Intelligence

We conduct ad hoc studies in your area or anywhere in the world on:

  • Market and consumer trends
  • Scientific monitoring
  • Nutrition
  • Legislation
  • Food safety alerts

Marketing and brainstorming sessions

We organise creative brainstorming sessions. We support the process for producing, developing and spreading new ideas… mainly focused on the development of new products, process re-engineering and recipes.

We use the Synectics model (William J. Gordon), a technique that combines different and apparently irrelevant elements to create new and alternative ideas, many of which are disruptive and highly innovative.

We help to improve products, ingredients, technologies and processes in order to revolutionise the market with solutions at the best cost and highest quality.

New product development

We accompany you throughout the process to realise your idea: from searching for market and consumption trends to creating the final product.

Our Innovation Method:

  • Design Cycles (Consumer-centric)
  • Collaborative
  • Flexible & Agile
  • Simple
  • *Action Standards defined with clients, always.

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