Agri-food Sustainability

"We are constantly working on the sustainability of the agri-food sector - a chain to which we all add value: from farmers to consumers".

Innovation, sustainability for the agri-food sector

In i+dea we undestand the innovation as a tool for achieving development in the agri-food sector as a whole. We believe that, together, farmers, producers and distributors can add more value to society and guarantee agri-food sustainability.

Innovation is fundamental throughout the food production process: seed selection, identification of needs, selecting the best raw materials, new product development, identifying the best packaging, detection of nutritional requirements, etc.

By analysing each stage of the process, we can anticipate and identify areas for improvement. We at i+dea view needs as a challenge and are, committed to R&D+i as a way to consolidate a sustainable production model that:

  • Drives the cultivation of wheat varieties that provide the e the greatest value and stability to both farmers and the food industry while minimising costs
  • Meets the needs of our customers so that their production lines can produce the best products at the best price.
  • Provides consumers with nutritional benefits and complements a balanced diet rich in fibre and low in saturated fats.
  • Suppliers Providing stability Minimising risk
  • Customers New product development Cost reduction / Best price
  • Society Improved consumer health Healthy and tasty products