In I + idea we want to share with you our experience and technical knowledge. If you want to develop training programs in your company, we have several training options and / or specialized advice for you.

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We jointly design with you the training projects that your company may require. To generate a value proposition we will consider your specific objectives, the needs of your team and your previous knowledge. Ask us your case.


We can provide workshops or courses aimed at developing or improving your sensory analysis skills, including post-session data analysis, new methods for rapid description, etc.

Innovation and Marketing

Innovation process. From idea to concept

Experimental plans and data processing

We show and help you know and control your process. To analyse and resolve common problems in your production, with method and rigour

  • Design and implementation of experimental plans
  • Problem-solving tools
  • Statistical data analysis and processing
  • Process standardisation and control graphics
  • Process optimisation and efficiency analysis


We also offer specialised training in the field of physio-chemical food analysis and food technology

  • Physio-chemical analysis of flours and semolinas
  • Staling and lipid oxidation
  • Food texture analysis
  • Introduction to infra-red spectroscopy. Analytical application.
  • Introduction to spectral imaging. Present and future.
  • Baking processes in food.
  • Extruded products.


  • Ingredients for clean and nutritionally balanced labels.
  • Food ingredients.

In addition, we are certified as a Training Center for Employment in certifications:

  • Bakery and Pastries
  • Auxiliary Processing Operations in the Food Industry
  • Auxiliary Operations of Maintenance and Internal Transport in the Food Industry

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