About I+dea

We are a private centre for applied innovation that seeks to add value to the entire agri-food chain: from the farming sector through development- and industrialisation-related commitments to society by creating new products that respond to consumer demands.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission

In partnership with our clients, we develop knowledge in the food industry to build innovative solutions capable of meeting the needs of consumers, while always acting responsibly throughout the food chain.

Our vision

To make food that can enhance people’s well-being, both today and in future generations.

Our values

  • Disruptive capability
  • Decisive
  • Open
  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Passion


More than 20 years ago, long before we became i+dea as we are today, we were set up as an internal laboratory working exclusively for Grupo Siro. For decades, our team was responsible for protecting, implementing and making Grupo Siro products unbeatable. Our services were expanded in 2017, enabling us to bring what we do to hundreds of food companies around the world and continue serving Grupo Siro as its registration laboratory.

Today, our ongoing commitment to work of the highest quality has led to a solid reputation in the industry; one that reflects the integrity of our results, the reliability and commitment of our processes, and the flexibility and incredible disruptive innovation of our team.


Construction of our first applied innovation and research centre. A 3,000m2 building fitted with cutting-edge technology that required an investment of over six million euros in El Espinar (Segovia). The centre began operating in December 2009.


The centre is officially opened by the then Prince and Princess of Asturias, Prince Felipe de Borbón and Princess Letizia Ortiz, now Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain.


We embark on our international adventure with the launch of our first projects beyond Spain.


“Action in Food Safety and Environmental Health” Prize at the 6th Castile-Leon Health Awards.


i+dea team in Worksop (United Kingdom)


i+dea team in Tepejí (Mexico)


i+dea as an independent Technology Centre capable of serving new clients.


We celebrated our first Internationnal Innovation Challenge

i+dea in figures (2017):

MM€ Investment

New products launched


Our team

We are a diverse team made up by over 170 people of different nationalities and professions.

We are passionate about applying our knowledge and experience to creating food solutions capable of meeting the needs of consumers around the world, as well as overcoming the challenges being faced by the food industry.

On a daily basis, we strive to anticipate the food needs of the consumers of today and tomorrow. Nonetheless, rather than merely anticipate those needs, at i+dea we seek to generate disruptive solutions capable of fully satisfying our consumers.

Our R&D centres provide the best environment for innovating and training the professionals of today and tomorrow. We train professionals capable of generating innovative ideas through scientific knowledge and its application.

In i+dea, our clients and stakeholders find an ally in which to trust and with which to collaborate. Together, we seek to guarantee the sustainability, profitability and competitiveness of the food industry.

+12 nationalities

Local teams

Spain, Mexico, Great Britain, Italy and Portugal

+140 professionals

8 doctors, 84 higher education graduates and 5 specialists

Gender distribution

65% women and 35% men

A great place to work and innovate

Our working environment assessments show that we are a highly cooperative team that is proud of our work and embraces diversity across the board.

We are strongly committed to a leadership model aimed at serving both employees and clients, which is why our employees recognise the approachability of our company leaders in our surveys.

At i+dea, we find a flexible workplace where we can be ourselves and grow professionally. It is a place where we can let our imagination roam free and we can count on the right knowledge, resources and talent to convert ideas into real solutions for our consumers.

Work with us (i+dea)

At i+dea, you will feel welcome from day one. In our team you will find a cooperative, diverse and challenging atmosphere with a professional future.

We are a team of over 170 professionals from a range of disciplines: nutrition, food engineering, biology, chemistry, business, industrial engineering, marketing, etc. Our multi-disciplinary teams operate in Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Mexico.

If you like a challenge and are ready to be disruptive in the world of food, join us and help us create innovative solutions for consumers worldwide!

Our facilities

Where to find us

i+dea España

Pol. Ind. Los Llanos de San Pedro, Ctra. Ávila 40400 El Espinar, Segovia
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i+dea UK

Claylands Avenue, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 7BQ, United Kingdom
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i+dea América

Parque Industrial de Tepeji, 149,  Tepeji del Río de Ocampo, 42850 Hidalgo, México
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i+dea Portugal

Rua Vasco da Gama, Nº 128, 2130-197 Benavente, Portugal
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i+dea Italia

Via Lerma, 68, 15060 Silvano D’Orba, Italy
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