I+dea, Society

“We offer innovation to customers and consumers for creating the best products”

In line with the commitment to a Sustainable Agri-food Chain, we at i+dea also strive to add value to our customers, consumers and society in general.

Through research, we can offer our customers and consumers safe products of the highest quality that are healthier and more economical, reducing the environmental impact of their production. Furthermore, we can develop new products that meet the new requirements of society and specific groups, such as people with intolerance to gluten.

We offer innovation to consumers to bring them the products they want and need.

  • Our efforts are currently focused on:
  • constant nutritional improvements, for example, by reducing the use of saturated fats.
  • offering the highest levels of food safety, for example, by using fully transparent labelling.
  • committing to cost reduction in the manufacturing process to maximise product value.
  • research to improve efficiency at manufacturing locations, placing a focus on natural resource optimisation (water footprint and carbon footprint)
  • a commitment to flavour by developing products that are both good for you and taste good