Joint Projects / Success Stories

Joint Projects

  • Muse

    MUSE Organised by the European Union within the 7th Framework Programme, it is focused on the study of new measurement technologies and new industrial lines with a view to progressing towards industry 4.0

  • Bosco

    COOLING AND FREEZING TECHNOLOGIES. It is focused on understanding the factors that affect the quality of frozen products products and has led to improvements in this regard.

  • Gluten-free. Impact Project

    Organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competition, it is focused on the development of gluten-free products.The project has brought gluten-free bread to the market and successful developments have been achieved in pastries and biscuits.

  • Smartfoods

    It is focused on the development of smartfoods to reduce illnesses such as diabetes or cancer

  • Progreso

    Under the CIEN Strategic Programme. Progress is focused on improving products and seeking innovative solutions for the processing of proteins and their application to new food products for consumers with specific requirements.

Success Stories

  • Large Macaroni, Large Spiral... new range with with higher quality pasta and larger , sizes, Italian-style.

  • Innovative berlina in concept and form, that introduces the in&out product concept to large supermarkets.

  • Creation of the first bread produced from rye.

  • First loaf with a high percentage of oat bran, high percentage of oat bran.

  • Development of the first pancakes with oats.

  • First sandwich with a two-flavour mixed filling.

  • Innovation and development have gone hand-in-hand to create this original design that also maintains its properties intact for six months..