I+dea, innovating the agri-food sector

“At Grupo Siro, we know that doing things better than anyone guarantees the present and innovation helps us guarantee the future by doing things differently”.

Grupo Siro is one of the best industrial groups in the Spanish food sector.

Our business model consists of a commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of our Stakeholders ,Stakeholders through innovative solutions. This is the goal that i+dea strives to achieve.

We form part of the change that the agri-food industry needs. For that reason, we add value and contribute to the sustainable development development of all those who form part of the agri-food chain::

  • customers, by developing new healthy and delicious products that meet consumer needs.
  • partners, by making them feel part of a group that is committed to developing agri-food activity as a whole
  • suppliers, by generating new business opportunities
  • society, by responding to its needs with innovative and healthy products.
  • shareholders, by guaranteeing the viability and success of the business through innovation.

Innovation is fundamental to meeting our commitment, contributing to the development of the agri-food sector as a whole and guaranteeing its sustainability: it allows us to offer solutions that help us grow.