What we Offer

Agri-food innovation partner

I+dea develops innovative and global solutions for the ongoing development of all stakeholders in the agri-food chain. That is why we are an ally - a strategic partner - for undertaking agri-food innovation projects.

With a team of over 70 people, we work on research, development and innovation via multi-disciplinary groups.

Our range of professional profiles includes:

  • traditional craftsmen (bakers and pastry chefs)
  • graduates of chemistry, biology and food technology
  • doctors and engineers (industrial, chemical and agricultural)

Innovative solutions

I+dea is based in El Espinar (Segovia) on a site spanning more than 3,000 square metres. It has all the installations necessary for undertaking its own projects and supporting third parties (private companies, technology centres, universities, etc.).

We offer innovative solutions for the industrial development of biscuits and snacks, breakfast cereals, bread, pastries, cakes, pasta and baby food. These solutions include:

  • Product creation from pilot plant to factory: through research, we transform your ideas into real products, analyse needs and create prototypes for testing that, once approved, we can reproduce on an industrial scale.
  • Sensory and physio-chemical assessment: once the product has been reproduced on an industrial scale, we assess its texture, flavour, appearance and aroma, as well as its structure, rheology and chemical properties during its useful life. We analyse the behaviour of products under different environmental conditions to guarantee the highest quality
  • Pilot testing of the end product with consumers: we organise market studies with consumers to validate acceptance of the products following this final stage, the best product is brought to market.


  • We offer partnerships on research projects at national and international levels.
  • We offer our facilities to private projects, with a comprehensive confidentiality guarantee.
  • We provide advice based on process and product knowledge, taken from over 20 years of experience at Grupo Siro.
  • We collaborate on research projects to enhance the ability to innovate in both processes and products
  • We have knowledge and intelligence reports on technological innovation and oversight in the sector.
  • We collaborate on raw material development and improvement projects.
  • We research packaging materials and trends.