INNPACTO 2012 Project

Development of gluten-free bakery products by using competitive and sustainable raw materials (Reference: IPT-2012-0487-060000)

This project seeks to develop breads, pastries and biscuits, by assessing the various raw materials.

As regards the current state of the art, it focuses on exploring and exploiting the functionality of gluten-free cereals as basic ingredients for the design and development of gluten-free products. For gluten-free foods, it is necessary to know the versatility offered by gluten-free cereals for obtaining innovative products that are sensorially accepted and economically competitive.


  • To design and development a range of gluten-free bakery products that are sensorially acceptable and economically competitive in the market based on sustainable technology in the global market.

Partial objectives

  • To expand the range of products with simple formulae, rational design of products made from gluten-free cereals, for groups with specific dietary therapies and encourage healthy lifestyle habits through communication between public and private research bodies.
  • To repurpose gluten-free cereals. Exploring and exploiting their functionality.
  • To minimise additives, e.g. preservatives by optimising flours, process strategies, packaging, product quality and reduced cost. Concluding with long shelf life products, maintained organoleptic characteristics, guarantees for export and internationalisation of products.
  • Collaboration between company, universities and research centres. Expanding the company’s competitiveness into Europe, raising the company’s profile and internationalisation. Transfer of results to socio-economic sectors.