Replacement of majority components in industrial pastries with proteins and peptides from vegetable flours with increased functional activity. MASVEGA

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Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competition

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Overall objective

To assess the use of plant-based proteins and hydrolysed vegetable proteins as a replacement for ovoproducts and milk derivatives in whipped doughs used in industrial baking.

The ultimate goal is to completely reduce the animal-based products used in the current formula. The plant-based flours used in the project come from agro-industrial waste suitable for human consumption.

The main goals sought by the research project are:

  • To identify a series of proteins and hydrolysed proteins with enough functional capacity to be used as ingredients in the formula of whipped doughs. The aim is to replace ovoproducts 100%.
  • To repurpose certain low added value agro-industrial by-products, such as plant-based flours, to obtain hydrolysed proteins of greater added value capable of enhancing the functional properties of the proteins.
  • To obtain hydrolysed proteins capable of increasing the antioxidant capacity of the final product.
  • To eliminate allergens from the products and pastry lines while also reducing the microbiological risks from handling egg at the factories and in the final product.
  • To improve the nutritional value of the processed products and maintain the sensory quality and physio-chemical characteristics of these products.
  • To reduce the impact from quality and price variation in the raw material on the uniformity of the final product.