Industrial research and experimental development of smart foods.

Project developed at:

Galletas Siro S.A.

Supported by:

Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

Call for applications:


Co-financed under:

Structural Funds of the European Union ERDF 2014-2020 through the Pluri-regional Operational Programme for Smart Growth.

The project aims to develop a new approach to the production of functional foods and food supplements that surpass the traditional strategy stemming from approaches made by the pharmaceutical industry (one drug, one target/one ingredient, one target) to add new nutrigenomic concepts, customising the bioactive ingredients to specific life and/or genotype situations in the population so that they attack the multifactor origin of the most prevalent chronic diseases in our society.

At a more specific level, the SMARTFOODS project seeks:
  1. To identify combinations of ingredients that, when added to foods or sold as food supplements, can be useful in the prevention of the following conditions:
    • Cognitive development and well-being
    • Intestinal health
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Obesity
    • Physical exercise
    • Aging
  2. To incorporate the combinations of ingredients into food matrices for development (dairy, cereal derivatives, fish derivatives) and ensure the stability of the bioactive ingredients therein based on the target population and the products developed.
  3. To advance in the knowledge of the action mechanism involved in the health effect of various ingredients combined with a food matrix.
  4. To assess the current and future potential of combinations of ingredients used from the perspective of the criteria and approaches adopted by the EFSA or the possible regulations governing food supplements.
  5. To CUSTOMISE the combinations of ingredients based on the various genotypes associated with the populations at which the combinations of ingredients developed will be targeted.
  6. To extend the SMARTFOODS approach to animal nutrition.