Each year, IBM Research, the world’s largest and most influential research department, with 3,000 researchers and 12 laboratories, publishes a list of the top five innovations that will change our lives in the next 5 years. IBM Think Madrid wanted to pay special attention this year to the 5 innovations for the next 5 years presented in 2019, which focus on the food sector, especially its production, in a context of growing population and a changing atmospheric conditions.

During the event, some innovation projects in the area of agritech undertaken by Spanish companies were presented, including our product I+RADAR.

I+Radar allows us to know trends in consumer tastes during their early stages, a key factor for food producers to adapt the demand and avoid food waste.

Cerealto Siro Foods is already using artificial intelligence to know beforehand what is going to be consumed better and to use this information to produce new foods and has already launched its first IA-inspired product on the English market.