We celebrated our first International Innovation Challenge at I+dea, with the presence of Juan Manuel González Serna, President of Cerealto Siro Foods; Lucía Urbán López, Vice President; Luis Angel Lopéz, CEO, as well as members of the Company’s Steering Committees. It was attended also by internal and external clients, as well as representatives of Rabobank, of the Ministry of Science and Technology, President of FIAB, Director of Alimarket, representative of Food & Drink Europe and Director of Vitartis, who had the opportunity to know the capabilities of Innovation of I+dea and the Company, from the cross-services, to the knowledge, process and technology of products, which allow to be engines of innovative solutions for the consumer and the client.

The event aimed to promote the opportunity to present innovative solutions to specific challenges and reward the best proposals presented which were evaluated by a jury composed by the presidency and directors of Cerealto Siro Foods, as well as organizations such as Rabobank, Alimarket, FIAB and Food Drink Europe.

The Challenge consisted in developing a new indulgent product, based on cereals (biscuit, breakfast cereal, bars and / or baking product) with a sustainable solution (in cost and in environmental impact), with the elimination or reduction of the content of sugar at least 30% with respect to products within the same category, with a clean label and maintaining the same organoleptic characteristics compared to the original product and during its shelf life.

From I + dea we are proud to lead this type of events where we exchange knowledge with entrepreneurs and universities with the aim of solving some of the most demanding challenges for the food industry.